CV M Jeri Imansyah, updated August 2009


M Jeri Imansyah

Born: Sukabumi, 21 February 1977

Address: Jl Karamat no 82, Sukabumi 43122, West Java, Indonesia

Mobile phone: +62 8563903967, E-mail:

Professional experience

Dec 2008 – Present, Harapan Rainforest, Jambi, Indonesia

Biodiversity Officer

Responsibilities include: biodiversity surveys of a wide range of species within Harapan Rainforest (HRF) concession, Sumatra, including mammals (e.g. tigers, sun bears, elephants), birds, and reptiles and amphibians using various methods, such as occupancy surveys, line transects and camera traps; training staff of HRF and assisting the project’s Forestry Division in developing methods on habitat assessments, phenology and forest restoration; and developing research networks with relevant key partners. My position also requires compiling reports, translation, and database and equipment management.

Mar 2007 – Dec. 2008, Komodo Survival Program, Denpasar, Indonesia

Program Coordinator

Responsibilities included designing and implementing activities, developing monitoring protocols for Komodo Dragon and terrestrial wildlife, developing proposals and budgets of related activities, managing government and stakeholder relationships, and overseeing the operational / managerial aspects of the programs.

June 2002 – July 2007, Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Species, San Diego, USA      

Research Officer / Assistant to Project Leader

Responsibilities included assisting the project leader in organizing and conducting programs for field research on the Komodo Dragon and other terrestrial wildlife including mammals and birds in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia. The position required involvement in capacity building and education, report compilation and translation, database and equipment management, as well as liaising with other governmental, NGO, and broadcaster institutions. In the absence of Project Leader, I was also in charge of the operational/managerial aspects of the project.

Nov. 2001 – May 2002, Komodo International Research Center, Denpasar, Indonesia

Research Fellow / Assistant to Project Leader

Responsibilities included organizing and conducting activities for field research on Komodo Dragon hatchlings in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, and report writing.


Nov 2003 – Dec 2006, Master of Science (MSc) in Zoology / Biological Conservation by thesis (GPA 3.54)

  • School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, National University of Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia.
  • Thesis titled “Spatial Ecology of Hatchling and Juvenile Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia”.
  • Full scholarship & research grants (USD 18,225) provided by the ZSSD and AZA.

Aug 1995 – Nov 2001, Bachelor of Science (SSi) in Biology by thesis

  • Department of Biology, Udayana University, Indonesia.
  • Undergraduate thesis titled “Daily Movement and Activity of Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) in the Bali Barat National Park” (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Professional Development

  • Komodo Dragon Internship                                                                                                                                           May 2006

Melbourne Zoo, Australia

  • GIS and its application for Nature Resource Management                                                                     Feb 2003

BIOTROP Training and Information Center, Bogor, Indonesia

  • Bat Research and Conservation Training                                                                                                May 2003

Malaysian Bat Conservation & Research Unit and Earthwatch Institute Australia

Additional information

  • Mark-Recapture: estimating population, annual movement patterns, and annual growth of Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park – CAPTURE.
  • Radiotelemetry and GPS collar: describing patterns in movement, home ranges, and habitat use of Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park – ArcView 3.2 (ESRI), Animal Movement Program (Hooge et al., 1997), Fractal (Nams, 2004).
  • Transect plots: estimating density indices of Timor deer and Water Buffalo in Komodo National Park – SPSS.
  • Parallel transects: monitoring nesting activity of Komodo Dragon, Yellow crested Cockatoo and Orange-footed Scrub Fowl in Komodo National Park.
  • Vantage points: monitoring population and status of Yellow crested Cockatoo in the Komodo National Park.
  • Distance method: estimating density of Timor deer and Water Buffalo in Komodo National Park.

Research and Conservation Grants

  • American Zoo Association                                                                                                                                                      2008

Grant (USD 14,000) for research and conservation project on Komodo Dragon in Komodo National Park

  • European Aquarium and Zoological Association                                                                                               2007

Grant (Euro 22,000) for research and conservation project on Komodo Dragon in Wae Wuul Nature Reserve, Flores, Indonesia

  • American Zoo Association                                                                                                                                                      2005

Research grant (USD 3,225) to conduct research on spatial ecology of immature Komodo Dragon in the Komodo National Park

  • Oriental Bird Club, England                                                                                                                                  2005


Dr. Tim S. Jessop

–    Research Fellow (Honorary), Dept. of Zoology, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

–    Contact: ph +61 3 92859387, 92859300, fax +61 3 92859350, email

Dr. John A Phillips

–    Deputy Director, Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Species, ZSSD, USA.

–    Contact: ph +1 61 92311515, email

Dr. David C Lee

–    Head of Research and Conservation Division, Harapan Rainforest, Indonesia

–    Contact: ph +62 815 11607352, email

Publications and Reports

Jessop, T.J, Forsyth, D.M., Imansyah, J., Purwandana, D. and Seno, A. (in prep.). Use of faecal counts to assess distribution and relative density of Macaques and Civets in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Submitted to Zoological Research.

Jessop, T.S., Ciofi, C., Imansyah, M.J., Forsyth, D. Madsen, T., Shine, R., Purwandana, D., Ariefiandy, A., Rudiharto, Solomon Y. and Phillips, J.A. (in prep.). Identifying key process  influencing the ecology, evolution and conservation of the Komodo dragons.

Imansyah, M.J., Jessop, T.S., Sumner, J., Purwandana, D., Ariefiandy, A. and Seno, A. 2009. Distribution, seasonal use, and predation of incubation mounds of Orange-footed Scrubfowl on Komodo Island, Indonesia. Journal of Field Ornithology 80(2): 119-126

Imansyah, M.J., Purwandana, D. and Jessop T.S. 2008. First record on Flores hanging parrot Loriculus flosculus in Rinca Island, Komodo National Park. Forktail 24.

Jessop, T.J., Imansyah, M.J., Purwandana, D., Ariefiandy, A. and Ovat, D.S. 2008. Incidence of Fish Hook Ingestion by Komodo dragons. Biawak 2(3): 121-123.

Jessop, T. and Imansyah, M. J. 2008. Varanus komodoensis parasites. Herpetological Review 39 (1): 96-97.

Imansyah, M.J, Jessop T.S., Ciofi, C. and Akbar, Z. 2008. Ontogenetic differences in the spatial ecology of immature Komodo Dragons. Journal of Zoology 274(2): 107-115.

Jessop, T.S., Madsen, T., Ciofi, C., Imansyah, M.J., Purwandana, D., Rudiharto, H., Arifiandy, A. and Phillips, J.A. 2007. Island differences in population size structure and catch per unit effort and their conservation implications for Komodo dragons. Biological Conservation 135: 247-255.

Imansyah, M.J., Purwandana, D., Jessop T.S., Ciofi, C., Akbar, Z., Ariefiandy, A. and Phillips., J.A (2007). Pergerakan dan wilayah aktivitas pada Biawak Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) di Pulau Komodo. Proceeding of National Seminar on Herpetology 2007. Bogor University of Agriculture. (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Jessop, T.S., Ciofi, C., Imansyah, M.J., Purwandana, D., Ariefiandy, A. and Rudiharto, H. 2007. Biawak Komodo di pulau kecil lebih rentan. Warta Herpetofauna Vol I (1): 2-5, Agustus 2007. (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Imansyah, M.J. 2006. Spatial ecology of hatchling and juvenile Komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia. MSc thesis. University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. 81 pp.

Imansyah, M.J., Anggoro, D.G., Yangpatra, N., Hidayat, A. and Benu, Y.J. 2005. Sebaran dan karakteristik pohon sarang kakatua jambul kuning (Cacatua sulphurea parvula) di Pulau Komodo, Taman Nasional Komodo. Report from the Zoological Society of San Diego, Balai Taman Nasional Komodo and The Nature Conservancy. Labuan Bajo, Flores. 30 pp. (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Jessop, T.S., Forsyth, D.M., Purwandana, D., Imansyah, J., Opat, D.S. and McDonald-Madden, E. 2005. Monitoring the ungulate prey of Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) using faecal counts. Report from the Zoological Society of San Diego, Balai Taman Nasional Komodo and The Nature Conservancy. Labuan Bajo, Flores, 26pp.

Jessop, T.S., Purwandana, D., Imansyah, M.J., Rudiharto, H. and Ciofi, C. 2005. Indirect evidence for prey limitating factor impacting the population of Komodo dragons on Gili Motang. Unpublished research report for the Zoological Society of London.

Jessop T.S., Sumner J., Rudiharto H., Purwandana D., Imansyah M.J. and Phillips, J.A. 2004. Distribution, use and selection of nest type by Komodo Dragons. Biological Conservation 117: 463 – 470.


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